Wednesday, December 14, 2011

bumGenius Freetime - a photo review

The following is a series of photos of the new Freetime AIO diaper by bumGenius.  Hopefully this will show the design of diaper and how it compares to other diapers.

This is what you see when you first open the diaper.  BumGenius uses the same PUL colors for the exterior fabric, and have the same elastic and stay dry layer against baby's skin.

This diaper has two sewn in flaps that provide the absorbency for the diaper.  The flaps will allow the diaper dry faster and wash easier.  The top of each flap is covered in the standard bumGenius suedecloth, and the underside of the flap is microfiber.  Below, one flap is flipped out to show the microfiber.  Both flaps are the same so it does not matter which one is on top.

Both flaps flipped out.

This picture shows a comparison of the BG 4.0 inserts, both the newborn and the full size inserts, next to the Freetime. 

The infant insert is approximately two inches longer than a flap. The flaps are slightly narrower and shorter than the infant insert.

One interesting thing about the Freetime is the little pocket between the stay dry layer and the microfiber layer on the flap.  At first I was really exited and thought this would be a neat way to stuff in a hemp insert or something else, but it is only open 1/2 the length of the flap.  Oh well.  Not enough room for an insert, but I took a picture of it anyways.

Please let me know if you are interested in ordering the bumGenius Freetime diaper.  We are running a sale on the diaper for the next week.  Please click here to order today!

New bumGenius prints!

I wanted to have a blog post with an up close view of the new bumGenius prints!

Introducing "Albert" and "Lovelace"
I love the classy black on white look with the Albert print and I think the 4 different colored snaps are very cool for the Lovelace.

Here is a full on look of the Albert:
(sorry for the fuzzy picture)

Here is the full look of the Lovelace print:

The new prints are available in hook/loop and snap.  You can find them on the BG 4.0 (as shown), and on the new bumGenius Freetime AIO diaper. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sales!!!

We are offering two amazing Black Friday/Small Business Saturday specials this year.  With a $50 purchase you can choose if you want a free OS diaper or a 48oz bag of Eco Sprout Laundry Soap.

To take advantage of this great offer, you must complete 3 steps

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  2. Use the corresponding coupon code at checkout
  3. Add Black Friday free product to your shopping cart.

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Throughout the day we will be doing flash sales announced on our Facebook page and on Twitter.  These will be individual products offered at a great discount!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bundle of Joy

After having such a wonderful response to our gift registry, we wanted to create cloth diaper gifts for moms-to-be.  Sure, there is the diaper cake, but we wanted to make something unique.  Enter the Bundle of Joy gift collection.

The Bundle of Joy comes in two sizes, the standard Bundle and the Little Bundle.  The difference being 3 additional prefolds in the larger size.

First you get to choose if you want a sized (XS-S-M-L) Thirsties cover or a Thirsties Duo Cover.  You also get to choose your color (solids only), and closure.  We wanted to allow customization for every order.
Little Bundle of Joy

Both of our Bundle of Joy packages come with two wipes.  You can choose either the Thirsties wipes, which color coordinate with the Thirsties line of diaper covers, or a handmade cloth wipe from Lil' B's. 
Little Bundle of Joy

We will also include additional accessories for a new cloth family; rash cream, Snappis, and additional wipes. 
Bundle of Joy

These bundles would make perfect centerpieces at a baby shower and a perfect gift for Mom-to-be to cherish. 

We want to make every gift personal and special.  Whatever your requests might be, we will make it happen.  Just send us an email and you will create your perfect Bundle of Joy

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fuzzibunz Original VS Elite

Are you a fan of Fuzzibunz?  Are you curious about the differences between the old OS diaper and the new Elite?  Look no further!

I broke out my camera as soon as my package of Fuzzibunz Elite made it to my door step.  In this picture the Watermelon is the Elite diaper on the left and the Cotton Candy on the old OS style on the right.

You can see the difference in the tab shape.  The new Elite has pointier tabs and you don't see the extra snap part sticking out from underneath as in the cotton candy diaper.

The area between the legs is the same width.

 You can see that on the Elite the adjustment button is now hidden.  Also the snaps on the front panel are closer together and inline. 

Another look at the changed snap layout.

The front panel is also narrower.

The new Elite comes with two minky inserts which are super soft.  All of the colors are the same and the inner fleece is the same as well.

I appreciate you visiting my blog.  As a thank you, please use the coupon code at Carolina Cloth to save 5% on your Fuzzibunz OS Elite purchase - FB5 - thanks for reading!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fuzzibunz Elite

Now in stock, the newly designed Fuzzibunz Elite.

Fuzzibunz has redesigned their popular One Size diaper with some updated features.  The adjustable elastic button is now hidden inside of the pocket.  The microfiber inserts have been replaced by super soft minky inserts.

Here is the full scoop from Fuzzibunz:

FuzziBunz® One Size Elite Pocket Diaper

Meet the Elite: One Diaper—Birth to Potty Training!

If you thought the FuzziBunz® One Size cloth diaper could not get any better—think again! FuzziBunz® has re-engineered its already popular One Size to be trimmer fitting, more comfortable, faster drying and easier to adjust than before! Best yet, all these features come at the same low price as the original One Size FuzziBunz® diapers! The FuzziBunz® One Size Elite collection gives you even more bang for your buck, including these features:
  • Quick Dry Fleece: Baby feels dryer longer and fleece stays nicer longer with less visible wear
  • Easy-Replace Elastic Has Moved: The adjustable elastic's buttons are now found inside the pocket so there are no buttons next to baby’s skin
  • New Minky Inserts: Each diaper comes with two Minky Inserts (small and medium/large) adding the following benefits:
    • Less odor than microfiber
    • Less staining
    • Trimmer fitting diaper with same amount of absorbency
  • Streamlined front panel and snap design provides better fit with less leaking
Price: $19.95
Buy FuzziBunz Diapers & Accessories
One Size Elite Diaper
Durable Snaps
Durable Snaps
Need we say more?
•Prevents leaks
around legs
•Trimmer fitting
than ever before
Quick Dry Fleece
Quick Dry Fleece

Keeps baby drier longer.
•No pilling
Adjustable Elastic
Adjustable Elastic
Allows same diaper to fit
birth to potty training
Plush Minky Insert
Plush Minky Insert
•Increased absorbency
and less bulk
Customer Service
Customer Service

Unmatched Warranty.
Each FuzziBunz® One Size Pocket Diaper Package Includes: 1 Diaper, I
 easy to replace elastic and 2 inserts. Also available in 2-packs!

One Size Elite Diaper Sizing Guide
About Adjustability
Many parents get confused by the FuzziBunz® One Size system because it is different than your run-of-the-mill one-size diaper. FuzziBunz® are adjustable in three ways—unlike any diaper you’ve ever seen! Here’s how the most adjustable one-size diapers adjust:
  1. Button-adjusted leg casings:  You can adjust our One Size Elite diapers by sizing the diapers up and down with our buttonhole elastic adjustments. Think adjustable-waisted pants and you’ll understand what button-adjusted means. You can adjust the leg casings on 8+ settings.
  2. Button-adjusted waist: You can further adjust FuzziBunz® One Size Elite diapers in the waist. Think of it as a waist-cincher that tightens the waist to fit smaller babies and loosens as they grow. There are 3+ button waist settings.
  3. Adjustable waist snaps:  The snaps give it an extra last-minute adjustability to fit babies as they grow without having to adjust the concealed button adjustments.
About Durability
We know durability is important to our customers—after all, you’re investing in us and we want to show we’re committed to helping you! The FuzziBunz® One Size Elite cloth diapers are built to last at least three years and withstand daily wear and washing. We also offer low-cost replaceable elastic that you can replace at home in 10 minutes. No sewing or seam ripping required!