Wednesday, December 14, 2011

bumGenius Freetime - a photo review

The following is a series of photos of the new Freetime AIO diaper by bumGenius.  Hopefully this will show the design of diaper and how it compares to other diapers.

This is what you see when you first open the diaper.  BumGenius uses the same PUL colors for the exterior fabric, and have the same elastic and stay dry layer against baby's skin.

This diaper has two sewn in flaps that provide the absorbency for the diaper.  The flaps will allow the diaper dry faster and wash easier.  The top of each flap is covered in the standard bumGenius suedecloth, and the underside of the flap is microfiber.  Below, one flap is flipped out to show the microfiber.  Both flaps are the same so it does not matter which one is on top.

Both flaps flipped out.

This picture shows a comparison of the BG 4.0 inserts, both the newborn and the full size inserts, next to the Freetime. 

The infant insert is approximately two inches longer than a flap. The flaps are slightly narrower and shorter than the infant insert.

One interesting thing about the Freetime is the little pocket between the stay dry layer and the microfiber layer on the flap.  At first I was really exited and thought this would be a neat way to stuff in a hemp insert or something else, but it is only open 1/2 the length of the flap.  Oh well.  Not enough room for an insert, but I took a picture of it anyways.

Please let me know if you are interested in ordering the bumGenius Freetime diaper.  We are running a sale on the diaper for the next week.  Please click here to order today!


  1. I like the sewn in flap. That does seem to make it easier for washing and drying. Thanks for the photo review, Ive heard good things about this diaper!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures - that really helps! Great review!

  3. I like that you showed the diaper and inserts all together. I don't see a good illustration of different diapers often. Very helpful to see and compare.

  4. This looks like a great diaper! Love the review, the pictures are very helpful!

  5. I especially loved the size comparisson! Wish I had more AIOs :-)