Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday Specials!

It's that time of year again!  Time for sales, sales, and more sales.  I have a series of coupon promotions and discounts that will be offered throughout the whole weekend!

Coupon Codes good Friday-Monday night

BFdiaper - Free OS diaper with a $50 purchase.  My choice of OS diaper from my available stock.  I will honor all requests for gender colors and snap/velcro requests

BFsoap - Free 40oz bag of Eco Sprout with a $50 purchase.  I will choose from in stock scents and will honor requests.

Buy5 Get 1 Free bumGenius Freetime diapers.  This sale concludes on cyber Monday!  No coupon code needed.  Click link above.

Small Business Saturday Special only:

SBS30 - Save 30% off any 1 regular priced item.  This excludes anything on sale/clearance and Work at Home Mom items.  This cannot be stacked with the coupon codes above. 

Flash Sales!!
I will be putting certain products on sale for 15% off the entire brand at certain points throughout the weekend.  Below is my tentative schedule.

Friday: 8am - 3pm - Thirsties - 15% off
Friday: 3pm-10pm - Planetwise - 15% off

Saturday:  No flash sales today - Keeping things regular price to honor the 30% off coupon code

Sunday: 8am - 3pm - BumGenius - 15% off  (b5g1 sale excluded)
Sunday: 3pm-10pm - GoGreen and Best Bottoms - 15% off

Monday: 8am - 3pm - Fuzzibunz (in-stock only) - 15% off
Monday: 3pm-10pm - Rash Cream and more! (EMAB and others)- 15% off

Also, since I love my customers, I'll honor requests for certain brands.  Just reply to this post or on Facebook and I can add others.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guest Post: Vivien Interrupted - Cloth Diapers

Today's guest post is from my friend and fellow blogger, Vivien.  I approached Vivien to write this blog post because she was one my inspirations for opening of Carolina Cloth.  She was the first person that I showed my cloth diapers to that decided to give cloth a try.  I was so excited that I helped to convert someone to cloth that my husband encouraged me to take the next step and sell diapers.  And Carolina Cloth was born!

Vivien is a Blogher contributor and has a wide variety of topics she covers.  She writes about anything, from parenting, breastfeeding, photography, and a monthly writing challenge.  My personal favorite posts are her Foreigner Friday entries.  I love hearing her perspective on living in the US. 

Please hop on over to Vivien Interrupted and her Facebook page - happy reading!

When I had my first baby, I never gave cloth diapers too much thought. I had heard about the newer, more convenient diapers that didn’t require safety pins, etc, but wasn’t really interested in learning more about them. The thought of cloth just seemed overwhelming, something that only hard-core dedicated crunchy parents would do. We used disposables, just like most other parents we knew.

By the time I was expecting baby number two, I had been exposed to cloth diapers a lot more, but still felt skeptical. How could they possibly get clean in the washer? How much more work would it mean? Would it really help the environment? Could we save money?

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to attend a cloth diapering information session at which I was able to explore all options in person. So much better than just reading up on things online! I was able to feel the fabrics, see the fit on the attending children, and ask all the questions I had. After this meeting, I was sold. However, my husband wasn’t quite on board yet. Here are the key points that won us over:
      Better for baby’s skin. You may think that disposables are soft, but upon further inspection you will find that they are just fancier versions of plastic. And they are filled with chemicals.
·       Better for the environment. This was a hard concept for me to grasp. How could using that much more water and detergent and electricity be better for the environment? Until I read that it is about equal to flushing the toilet each time you go to the bathroom. And that disposable diapers take decades to decompose.
·       More cost efficient. The initial investment is definitely more expensive than with disposable diapers. However, they are reusable (often for many years) and re-sellable. And the best part is that you don’t have to buy diapers again. Unless you develop a cloth addiction in which case you might need to buy cute diaps every so often…
·       Much more attractive. You can buy cloth diapers in endless varieties of prints and colors. They are so much more fun than disposables and can basically be worn by themselves. 

Even when we had decided to give cloth a try, we didn’t dive right in. I bought just a few of each brand first to see which ones we liked best. That gave us the chance to find the best diapers for our family as well as to ease into cloth diapering at a pace that was comfortable to us.

The transition was easy! The laundering was much easier than I had expected and our new diapers were quickly our favorites.

However, we still use disposables sometimes. When there is gastro-intestinal upset of sorts, I chicken out and go for the throw-away kind. I also refuse to pack a whole diaper suitcase and wash diapers on vacation.

To anyone interested in cloth diapering I highly recommend a personal consult. Nothing beats being able to use your senses and ask direct questions. I also think it’s important to try different brands and styles before buying a whole stash. If there’s a diaper you end up not liking, you can re-sell it without much of a loss.

Are you interested in being a guest blogger?  Please email Leslie - we love to hear other cloth experiences!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cloth Questions: Cloth Diaper Detergents

Today's question comes from an email from Sara.   She asks "Do you recommend a specific cloth diaper soap to use in the washing machine?  I've been using Arm & Hammer Super Wash soda because it seemed to not have any of the harmful chemicals mentioned by the manufacturer of our cloth diapers (bum genius)."

Since I have become a retailer, I have found the question of washing to be a rather controversial one.  You can google and read so many different opinions on the subject: use vinegar, don't' use it, bleach will make your diapers melt (ok, a slight exaggeration), only use cloth diaper formulated detergents.....etc, etc.  Throughout my time cloth diapering I have met so many different mamas who each use a different soap and a different routine.  All of them have clean diapers and happy babies.  Rarely do I hear a story of diaper issues, and if I do, detergent and washing haven't been to blame.

So my short answer is:  use whatever you want!

My long answer will talk about some pros/cons and things to think about.  For my particular area in Columbia, SC, we seem to have a wide variety of water types which greatly affect the performance of your laundry soap.  I moved from the NE side of town to the west side of town and I had to completely revamp my routine.  We also have a lot of families on wells in this area too. 

First, let's take a look at what bumGenius has said and recommended.  They recommend you "always use a detergent free of perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, softeners, enzymes, or other fabric enhancers."  Honestly, I love bumGenius, but I don't 100% agree with them.  Perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, and enzymes have not been proven to deteriorate diapers.  There are many other manufacturers, who recommend detergents that contain these ingredients ( one being Happy Heinys)  The only chemical on that list I agree with, is softeners.  From a chemistry stand point, the only way to 'soften' laundry is by leaving a chemical residue on the surface of the fabric.  These chemicals have a water repelling properties, which repel pee!  The opposite purpose of a diaper!  Which is why I call it a "no-no".

Now, back to that list of chemicals.  Personally, I do not want to use a detergent with perfumes or dyes, because I do not like to use those types of chemicals.  I have good friends with skin sensitivities that cannot use those chemicals for their personal health.  Whether or not you want to use them, is up to you and your feelings, and it does not have any effect on the cleanliness and longevity of your diapers. 

Cloth diaper formulated detergents avoid these chemicals, which makes them attractive for cloth use.  They have specific recommendations for both standard and HE washing machines.  Some do come scented, but they are scents that break down immediately upon exposure to water and will not get into the fabric of your diapers.  We sell two different brands, Rockin' Green, the leader in cloth diaper detergents, and Eco Sprout, a newcomer to the cloth diaper detergent world, but one of my favorites because it is made by a work at home Dad!!

As for commercial detergents, I know mamas that use Tide, All, different Free and clear brands, Charlies, Country Save, Bio Kleen, Soap Nuts, Purex, and the list goes on and on.  As long as your diapers are getting clean, baby isn't getting irritated by exposure, and the detergent is rinsing clean, then you are an awesome cloth diaper parent!  (I will answer future questions based on some of these other issues in a problem solving post.)

Back to Sara's specific question.  She mentioned Arm and Hammer washing soda.  Washing soda, is sodium carbonate and is typically used as a water softener in laundering. It competes with the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water and prevents them from bonding with the detergent being used. Sodium carbonate can be used to remove grease, oil and wine stains.  I wouldn't have recommended using just washing soda alone for your diapers, it is great to use in conjunction with other detergents as a booster.  BUT! - if your diapers are getting clean, there are no stinky smells, and baby's bottom isn't red, then by all means keep using it.  Don't change what is working for your diapers. 

I use washing soda in the laundry detergent that I make.  I originally got the recipe from a blog called The Eco Friendly Family.  I love her laundry detergent so much, you couldn't pay me to use a store bought detergent.  For my cloth diapers I have switched back and forth between her cloth diaper formula and Eco Sprout.  This blog link discusses making her recipe for both the standard laundry soap and the cloth diaper soap. 

For the final part of Sara's question, what do I recommend, I just recommend keeping an open mind and trying detergents that fit what your family likes.  If it is a cloth diaper formulated detergent, follow the directions on the label.  If it is a standard laundry detergent, start off by using 1/4 of the manufacturers recommended amount, too much can be a bad thing, but also too little won't clean your diapers either. 

If you have enjoyed this post, please subscribe with feedburner, found on the side column.  We plan on hosting a giveaway soon and would love to have more readers!  If you have a question, please email Leslie!  We are always looking for our next cloth question submission!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Bottoms: new colors and prints!

The ABC Kids Expo had led to many new product releases in the cloth diaper world.  I wish I could have attended and gotten the first peak at these wonderful new products!  But together we can look together at these awesome new products.  Here is the first look at the new Best Bottom shells:  Plum Pie, Huckleberry Cobbler, and Hedgehog. 

Which is your favorite??

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cloth Questions: Rashes and Rash Cream

I would like to welcome everyone to our first week of answering your cloth diaper questions.  Today's questions comes from Kristi on our facebook page.  She writes: "My baby has a really red bottom today after two dirty diapers in a row. Is there any diaper cream that I can use with my cloth diapers or am I stuck using from my disposable stash because I have several tubes of Boudreax ButtPaste and Desitin that were gifts. And why does this happen more with dirty diapers than the wet ones?"

I am going to break her question down into different parts.  First "Is there any diaper cream that I can use with my cloth diapers".    Yes!!  There are plenty of great cloth friendly diaper rash creams.  We carry three different cloth friendly creams.  One of my personal favorites is Earth Mama Angel Baby's Bottom Balm.  It is allergy tested, vegan, and made with organic olive oil.  It is infused with a blend of antibacterial and antifungal herbs that promote healing.

We also carry Eco Sprout Bottom Balm.  It comes in a 2oz twist up tube (think glue stick).  It is made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.  The twist up tube design makes it great for a hands free, mess free application to baby's bottom.  They also recommend it for any dry skin area on your or baby.

Our third cloth friendly rash cream is Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention.  It creates a breathable barrier and promotes healing.

There are also many other brands available.  CJs BUTTer, Motherlove, and California Baby are the first that come to mind.  Organic coconut oil is also very popular in the cloth diapering community, and another personal favorite of mine.

You can also use those non-cloth friendly rash creams that were gifts as well!  The key is protecting your diapers from these creams.  Creams like ButtPaste and Desitin use different oils that do not wash out like the creams mentioned above.  They will stay on your diapers and repel urine and cause leaks.  The simple answer is to use a liner.  We sell a disposable liner made by Eco Sprout that lays nicely into the diaper and will protect the surface.  You can also cut up scraps of fabric or old blankets to make a liner.  Fleece is often the most popular choice of fabric because it provides a stay dry surface as well.  This is also what you would need to do if you ever need a prescription rash cream and still wish to use your cloth diapers. 

Now for the second part of Kristi's question:  "why does this happen more with dirty diapers than the wet ones?"

First, let's talk about urine.  When your baby first pees, their urine is sterile.   Exposure to sterile urine will not cause a rash.  But as baby sits in that diaper, the urine mingles with naturally existing bacteria and that causes a change in pH which can lead to rashes. This is not immediate, which is why we don't see as many rashes caused from just wet diapers.

One other thing to note.  There are certain foods which will change the pH of urine.  Highly acidic food (citrus, tomatoes) can cause a pH change, making urine irritating to the skin during the initial pee.  If you are in the process of introducing new foods to your baby, keep an eye out for foods that irritate baby's skin.

Now onto the poop. 

Poop naturally contains more skin irritating substances which can cause rashes quickly.  Especially in back to back dirty diapers where the skin hasn't had a chance to heal from the first poop.  Poop is also affected by the food we eating for changes in pH too.  Mandarin oranges were never kind to my son's bottom.

If you have a frequent pooper like my son, or just a baby with a red bottom, there are a few things you can do to heal up that redness fast.   Getting exposure to air will help the skin heal faster than putting a diaper immediately back on baby.  When  my son was younger I used to spread out old bath towels on the floor and let him have his tummy time naked on the towels.  If he peed, it didn't both me and I'd just toss them in the wash.  When he was older we had to be more creative to give him his naked time. 

Another solution to expose baby to more air if naked time isn't feasible, is to choose a more breathable diaper.  You can choose a fitted diaper or prefolds.  These diapers are great if you are at home.  You can let baby go around the house without a cover and just monitor for when the diaper becomes too wet.  You can also use a fleece or a wool cover for added protection. 

One final note about rashes.  If you use disposable wipes, you may want to consider switching to cloth wipes and plain water.  Most disposable wipes contain some alcohol or other additives which can potentially aggravate the already sensitive skin.  If baby seems really sore, just splash water on their skin and avoid using wipes altogether. 

Does anyone else have any additional tips??

Email Leslie to participate in our weekly cloth diaper question post!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Cloth Questions

I would like to make this blog more than just new products and sales.  I want to help answer your questions.  I am emailed frequently individual customer questions, but I bet that there are many out there with the same question. 

So - please email me your questions about cloth diapering!   Anything goes!  Send your email to Leslie at    leslie@carolinacloth.com and I will pick a question to answer once a week!

Thanks!  I look forward to answering your questions

Thursday, September 13, 2012

BumGenius Freetime AIO - Buy 5 Get 1 Free

This sale is for solid colors only (sorry folks, I know Albert and Lovelace are crowd favorites, but I must play by their rules)

This is a great offer if you love their trim design all-in-one.

There is no set end date to the sale, but bumGenius can end it any time without warning.

Click HERE to take advantage of this sale today!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

I can't believe that we have been in business for one year!  This little idea of teaching people to use cloth diapers that popped into my head last summer, became a reality and has lasted a full year.  

I have met some wonderful parents during my classes and home consultations.  It has been a great experience for me personally and for promoting the use of cloth diapers. 

To thank all of you who have made my business and dream possible, I am offering a 15% off sale for the next two days.  Just use the coupon code = YEAR15 = to save 15% off of your entire order.  Thank you all so much!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

GoGreen Champ 3.0 vs 2.0

I would like to introduce all of you to our newest product, the GoGreen Champ 3.0.  This post is going to be a picture comparison of the Champ 2.0 and the new and improved Champ 3.0.  It is not a secret that the GoGreen Champ 2.0 is one of my favorite pocket diapers.  I am happy to report that they have kept my favorite features in the new 3.0 version. 

Below you will find a white GoGreen 2.0 (left) and the new Crasily Paisley print for the 3.0 (right). 

GoGreen has kept one of my favorite features - the rainbow snaps!  These snaps are a very daddy friendly addition in my household.  Notice that the 2.0 seems to be larger than the 3.0.  I'll explain my theory behind that with the help of a future picture. 

White 2.0 left   :   Paisley 3.0 right
Sorry for the fuzzy picture for the inside shot.  You can see that the most drastic difference is the look of the gusset (I have another better picture of this!)  You can also notice that the gusset on the 3.0 gives more puckering around the legs compared to the 2.0.  I believe this is why in the previous picture the 3.0 looks deceptively smaller than the 2.0.  I think they are really the same size, just with tighter elastic on the 3.0. 

2.0 Gusset
Here is a close up of the 2.0 gusset.  The gusset is sewn as part of the pocket fabric.

3.0 Gusset
Whereas the gusset of the 3.0 is a completely separate piece of fabric.  There is one piece of fabric that constitutes the pocket of the diaper, and each side has its own separate gusset.  This creates a 'bowl' look to the diaper.  I would imagine that these gussets will catch anything and everything from your baby.

3.0 Gusset
You can see in this picture that the gusset goes almost the entire length of the diaper and is separate from the pocket fabric.

2.0 left   :   3.0 right
Something else I noticed is that the insert for the 3.0 has an added snap.  They are both the same length, but the 3.0 can snap down to allow parents some ease in stuffing the insert into the diaper when it is set to its smallest snap setting. 

I am really excited about the new gusset on the 3.0.  Now I just need a baby in diapers to try it out!

I do have a few disappointments with the new Champ 3.0 though.  I love the 2.0 fuzzy prints.  It would have been so much fun to have that zebra print in a fuzzy diaper!  But all of the prints on the new 3.0 are smooth, just like the solid colors.  I am also sad to see the price increase.  The Champ 2.0s were a very popular seller for me because they were less expensive than the other major brands.  With the price increase, it is sad to see that they still only come with one microfiber insert, where as similarly priced diapers all come with two inserts. 

But those are just small disappointments.  I think the performance of the Champ 3.0 will prove itself to be a great pocket diaper!

The Champ 3.0 will be released on 8/7/12 - but for now you can take a peek at the listing :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

International Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7)

We are having a 10% off sale on all of our breastfeeding products during International Breastfeeding Week (August 1st- 7th)

Click below to see our breastfeeding related products

Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Angel Baby Milk Maid Tea

Fuzzibunz Reusable breastpads

Thanks and happy shopping!!

How are you celebrating International Breastfeeding Week?  How long have you breastfed your baby?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Product: Knickernappies One Size Diaper

New Product!  Knickernappies One Size Diaper is now part of the Carolina Cloth one size diaper line up!

Knickernappies OneSize Diaper wins award!The Knickernappies One Size Diaper is the first of its kind: a side-snapping, onesize diaper that comes with TWO inserts made in the USA! (Yes, even the inserts are USA-made!) 
Now it's also an award-winning diaper!  Winner of a Best Products Award from iParenting Media!
Knickernappies Cloth Diapers

Knickernappies OneSize Diapers have some great features:
  • Four size adjustments to fit your baby best -- Small, Medium Short, Medium, and Large
  • Tested to fit babies from about 8 lbs to 40 lbs
  • Two inserts with every diaper, sizes small & large, and the inserts are Made in the USA!
  • A scooped tummy panel & topstitching for best fit under chubby baby bellies
  • Buttery-soft, non-pill fleece inner to keep your baby dry and comfortable
  • Elastic on both sides of the pocket opening to hold the insert in place
  • Very gentle Lastin elastic in the leg and waist - no red marks!
  • Lastin elastic is long lasting and can't "go out" like regular elastic
  • Two Year Guarantee on elastic and lifetime guarantee on snaps.
Knickernappies OneSize diaper - 4 sizes to fit your baby best

Instructions for use: Adjust the rise snaps so the diaper fits near your baby's belly button.  Slide an insert into the pocket (small insert for smaller rise settings, large insert for the medium & large rise settings).  Make sure the insert is flat, then fasten the diaper around your baby.  Adjust the waist snaps and hip snaps accordingly for a custom fit.  When soiled, remove the diaper from your baby, remove the insert, and place both insert and pocket diaper into the diaper pail.
Outer - laminated polyester (PUL)
Inner - polyester non-pill fleece

Diaper made in the USA.
Inserts made in the USA.

Check out our Knickernappies diaper today!

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Product: Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

Here is another new product at Carolina Cloth!  We are now carrying pregnancy and ovulation tests.  These are simple, inexpensive tests, just like the ones you can buy online.  

Our standard shipping fee is waived on these tests!!!

Here is a brief preview of the test features.

One Step Pregnancy Tests detect the hormone hCG at the 20-25 mIUs level. The lowest level available on the market right now is 20mIUs, which means it is the most sensitive test. You can find out if you are pregnant in just 6-8 days after conception!

Our pregnancy tests are also really easy to use and have a long shelf life of up to 2 years. Each test is packaged individually in a sterile pouch bag with a desiccant to protect against moisture.

  • Easy-to-use and early detection
  • Individually packaged
  • FDA Cleared
  • CE Marked
  • 99% Accurate results
  • Fast results in 2-5 minutes
  • 2 year shelf life
Our one-step Strip Ovulation Tests help you detect the right time to attempt to conceive a child. It works by predicting when there will be a LH or luteinizing hormone surge, a prime indicator that you are ovulating. Just place the strip in a urine specimen, let it sit and then read your results in 40 seconds. It's as easy as that! 

  • Easy-to-use
  • Individually packaged
  • FDA Cleared
  • CE Marked
  • 99% Accurate results
  • Fast results in 2-5 minutes
  • 2 year shelf life 
Check out our Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests today!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Cloth Diapering 101 class

I am hosting a free cloth diapering 101 class this Saturday at 11am, at the Expecting Well Maternity Spa in the Vista.  Check our the Facebook event for more details and to RSVP!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Product: Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

I have had a bunch of moms ask me about stocking baltic amber necklaces.  Now here they are!

For those of you have not heard of baltic amber, it is a popular pain relief tool for teething babies.  You baby wears the necklace to receive the benefit, but does not chew on it.  The beads are not meant to go in baby's mouth. There are many great online resources to decide of a baltic amber teething necklace is right for your little one.  If you decide it is a great resource for your family, we have some great options for you!

  • Designed for wearing by either boys or girls
  • A completely natural, drug-free way to relieve the symptoms of teething in babies and toddlers
  • Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone. It is therefore warm to the touch, and light to wear.
  • When amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases miniscule amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream. 

  •   Only natural 100% authentic Baltic amber is used to make our teething necklaces.  Beads will vary in color, shape, and size since they are natural resins.
  • Amber's anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties have long been appreciated by parents in Europe. 
  • All of our Baltic Amber teething necklaces feature rounded beads for your babies maximum comfort

  • Our necklaces come in a variety of colors, with the lighter colors providing the largest pain relief benefit.





    Visit our Baltic Amber Teething Necklace page to order yours today!

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    New Product: Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer

    Diaper sprayers are a friend to many cloth diaper parents.  We may not need it for every diaper change, but when that really dirty diaper hits you, it is great to have a sprayer in your arsenal.

    We would like to introduce you to our new brand of diaper sprayer by Knickernappies.  We decided to change to this sprayer due to a $15 price increase on our previous brand of sprayer.

    The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking! It is especially helpful for babies eating solid foods. Complete pre-assembled kit fits in minutes with the smallest spray profile and multiple flow settings for minimum over-spray. Reinforced fittings for years of leak-free trouble free use.  Great also for washing out toddler potties and potty training rings. 

    • Brass fittings instead of plastic like other brands
    • Sturdy supply hose will not burst or leak
    • Complete shut-off valve 
    Instructions for rinsing out diapers:  The diapers do not need to be soaking wet or sprayed completely clean.  Hold the diaper with one hand and let it dangle in the toilet.  It does not need to touch the toilet water.  With the other hand, gently aim the spray at the diaper and let the water rinse the diaper until it's mostly clean.  Let it drip for just a moment and then it can go into the diaper pail.  Once you get the routine down, you can do this in just a few seconds and without getting your hands (or your bathroom!) wet.

    The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is a complete kit fully assembled for your convenience.  The complete package includes trigger operated sprayer, flow control valve, compression connectors, wall bracket (which hooks to side of toilet easily), screws, and anchors. 

    Backed by Knickernappies 1 year warranty!

    We are hoping that this diaper sprayer will fulfill the needs of our cloth diapering parents without breaking the bank!  Check out the Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer today!

    New Product: Eco Bottom Liners

    Today we have another new product to introduce!  Are you resistant to using cloth while on the go? Don't want to have to deal with messy diapers and carry them in your wetbag?  These flushable liners are for you!

    Not just another diaper liner! Our Eco-Bottom Liners are made from Bamboo fibers! Our diaper liners make clean-up easy! No more dunking diapers in the toilet to rinse.  To use, simply place one liner directly on top of your diaper.  When changing, remove the liner and toss the solids into the toilet or trash to discard.  They are ultra soft and offer a perfect fit for most cloth diapers with no folding or tucking necessary. Made from renewable Bamboo, our liners are:
    • Biodegradable
    • Non-Toxic
    • Fragrance Free
    • Dye Free
    • Chlorine Free
    • Flushable*
    • Breatheable
    • 100 tear-off sheets
    Why we love them:  They reduce diaper staining and won't stick to baby's skin!  Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on earth and is grown without chemicals and pesticides.  Bamboo is softer than cotton, cashemere, and silk!  Bamboo has anit-microbial and anti-fungal properties and is non-irritating to the skin. Our Eco-Bottom Liners are sized to perfectly fit most cloth diapers with no folding needed! 

    These liners are prefect if you need to use a special non-cloth rash cream on  your baby's bottom.   Check them out at Carolina Cloth today!

    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    New Product: Macaroni Baby Cloth Wipes

    Over the next few days we will be profiling new products available at Carolina Cloth!  Our first feature product are soft and cuddly cloth wipes hand made just for your by Macaroni Baby.

    These Macaroni Baby creations are made with love by co-owner Tarah.  The wipes start off with an absorbent layer of sherpa to clean any mess you baby can come up with.  The other side is a soft cotton velour.  Both layers are are cuddly soft.

    You can choose the color of the cotton velour for your wipes.  Tarah has a photo album of choices here:  cotton velour    My personal favorites are the Ooga boogas, blue and purple swirl (pictured above), turquoise, and grape. 

    To celebrate our newest product, we are offering these wipes 10% off until 7/27/12.

    Visit our website today and take a look at these great wipes.

    What is your favorite velour color?

    Saturday, July 21, 2012

    New Planet Wise Prints

    Introducing two new Planet Wise wet bag prints!  These are available in all wet bag and wet/dry bag sizes.

    Monkey Fun


    Which is your favorite new print?

    New Best Bottoms Color!

    What is Blue with Chocolate Brown Trim?

    The New Best Bottom Shell Color:
    Cookie Monster!

    Available for order now!

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Planet Wise sale!

    Just a quick announcement for our Planet Wise Sale!!   Save 10% off until 7/26

    Why the sale you ask?  I was very honored to be the Planet Wise Retailer of the Week!!  Check out our logo on their homepage.

    Be sure to take this time and check out the new Planet Wise prints.  There are a few surprises with the cute Monkey Fun print and Paprika print!

    I'd love to hear what your favorite Planet Wise product and print below

    Happy Shopping!

    Saturday, June 23, 2012

    Summer Vacation - Out of the Office

    Just wanted to let all of my customers know that I will be out of the office starting on 6/28 - 7/8.  I will still have access to my email and will take orders and questions, but I will be unable to process, deliver, or mail any orders during that time.   I will also be unable to accept any packages of new stock, so it will take me a few days to get my act together once I return home. 

    We are looking forward to spending the week with our Ohio family and taking a break from the South Carolina heat.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.

    Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July everyone!

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Fuzzibunz - Buy 5 Get 1 Free!!!

    Starting June 20, 2012, Fuzzibunz is running their Buy 5 Get 1 Free promotion on the OS Elite diaper.  We are happy and excited to be participating in this promotion!

    Due to the overwhelming demand for these diapers, I will be instituting a direct ship from Fuzzibunz to you!  This will ensure that you get all of the colors you want and that I don't run out of stock on any of my customers!

    Please visit our link HERE to place your order today!
    If you have any questions, please email Leslie  - leslie@carolinacloth.com - get yours before this sale ends!

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    Real Diaper Week - Environment

    Welcome to day two of Real Diaper Week 2012.  I am very proud I have done two posts in a row since I am not a frequent blogger.

    Anyways, the topic for the Real Diaper Week blog hop today is the environment.  To me this is a pretty easy topic.  It is stated that it should take a disposable diaper 500 years to decompose in a landfill.  With disposables only being around for 50 years, we realistically have no idea if that number is low or high.  Personally, I can't imagine throwing that much trash away.

    Do you want to know how many diapers are thrown away in your area?   I am going to give you a little math to calculate the number of disposable diapers thrown in a landfill per MINUTE.

    Visit this website for 2010 US census numbers

    Choose your area and find the total population number for your area and the percent of that population under 5.  I will use the numbers for my area as the example

    Total Population of Richland County, South Carolina - 384,504
    Percent Under 5 - 6.4% (0.064)
    Use the precalculated multiplier - 0.0025
    = number of diapers per MINUTE thrown into our landfills
    =(#Diapers per minute = 384,504 * 0.064 * 0.0025)
    For my area, Richland County, that equals 62 diapers entering a landfill per MINUTE!

    For those of you who want to see the calculation in full form without the shortcut multiplier, follow this calculation
    (Total population * % Under 5) / 2 / 0.9 * 8 / 24 / 60 = Diaper Per minute

    When you multiply the percent under 5 on the total population, you get the total number of children 5 and younger.  

    Divide that number by 2 to calculate the number of children 0-2.5yrs, assuming all of those children are in diapers.  

    Next multiply that result by 0.9, assuming that 90% of those babies are in disposables

    Next multiply that number by 8 for the ~8 diaper changes per day

    Divide that number by 24 for the changes per hour

    Divide that number by 60 for the changes per minute

    As you can see, there are some assumptions about the ages of children in diapers and the numbers of diapers per day.  But, this should give a decent guess as to the number of diapers entering a landfill per minute. 

    Here are the numbers for other areas that I have calculated:

    Richland County, South Carolina - 62 diapers per minute (DPM)
    Lexington County, South Carolina - 44 DPM
    South Carolina -  752 DPM
    New York City, New York - 1288 DPM

    Are your surprised?  Did you expect higher or lower numbers?  How many diapers enter a landfill in your area?

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    Real Diaper Week - Outreach

    Welcome to Real Diaper Week 2012!  Today's topic for the Real Diaper Week blog hop is outreach.

    Why outreach?  Doesn't everyone know that cloth diapers are an option?  All babies have to wear diapers......

    Sounds sort of silly, until you really think about it.  If you were to ask people on the street what they think about when they think of cloth diapers, I would bet that most people would picture prefolds, rubber pants, and pins.  While pins and prefolds are still used today, they are not the only option!

    There is a generational gap when it comes to cloth diaper knowledge.  Most of us were not diapered in cloth, or if we were, our parents hated using prefolds, pins, and rubber pants.  When we are looking for advice/support from our families, cloth is one of the last things they recommend.  And what are parents supposed to think when our families tell us it is not worth it and so hard to do?

    For those of us who have chosen cloth, it is our responsibility to educate the public and other parents.  Show off your diapers when you are out in public.  Start a conversation.  Mention it at your doctors office.  Brag about how easy they are.

    Don't forget to mention a few key reasons to try cloth diapering:
    Cost - you can save around ~$800 per year per child!
    Environment - in our local county 63 disposable diapers enter a landfill every MINUTE!
    Chemicals/comfort - wouldn't you rather have cotton against your body than plastic?

    Here at Carolina Cloth, outreach and education is very important.  We hold local Cloth Diapering 101 classes at a local maternity spa - Expecting Well.  We also offer home consults (free!).  At both we like to introduce parents to the different styles and nomenclature.  We explain the differences between the brands and let you get your hands on the diapers.  Our belief is if we can take the fear and the unknown out of cloth diapering, parents are more likely to try.

    Have you converted any families to cloth diapering?  How do you teach others about cloth diapers?

    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    Real Diaper Week - Sales!!

    Everybody loves a good sale!  In honor of Real Diaper Week and the Great Cloth Diaper Change being less than a week away - Carolina Cloth is having a different sale every day.  We are selecting manufacturers to feature and to be 15% off for the day. 

    Schedule of sale products:

    Monday:  Thirsties
    Tuesday: Rockin' Green and Eco Sprout detergents
    Wednesday: BumGenius
    Thursday:  Planetwise and Best Bottoms
    Friday:  Fuzzibunz

    Non-local delivery parents - if you want to take part of the sale for multiple days (meaning multiple orders).  You only need to pay shipping costs once - I will combine your order into one shipment. 

    Email me - leslie@carolinacloth.com if you have any questions!

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    The Great Cloth Diaper Change

    Please join Carolina Cloth for the 2nd annual
    Great Cloth Diaper Change

    Cloth Diapers in the Record Books

    Join us on April 21st, 2012 as we attempt to break the world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time!
    This world record attempt is a great way to show the world how many people are already choosing and using reusable cloth diapers successfully.

    • We’re looking forward to breaking the records that were set in 2011 on Saturday, April 21, 2012! The Great Cloth Diaper Change will be the grand finale of the International Cloth Diaper Awareness Week, April 16 to 21, 2012.
    • Last year Columbia, SC added 49 participants to the Guinness World Record total of 5,026. 
    • Join us this year while we aim for our goal of 100 participants
    • Sign up here: http://columbiagcdc2012.eventbrite.com/
    • First 100 participants receive a t-shirt and a goody bag filled with samples.  There are also a ton of raffle items up for grabs!
    • Join our Facebook community for up to date information: https://www.facebook.com/ClothDiaperChangeColumbiaSC

    Hope to see you there!   Email leslie@carolinacloth.com with any questions!!

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Thirsties Duo All-In-One Picture Review

    Today I am going to be showing you a picture review of the newly released Thirsties Duo AIO.   AIO diapers have been regaining their popularity since manufacturers have found creative ways to make these diapers one-size (OS).  This Thirsties diaper comes in their popular two-size fits all system that we all know and love.

    Hook/loop and Snap Duo AIO

    They have the classic Thirsties look and color palette.  The snap has two snaps per wing and the hook/loop has standard tabs.

    Snap Duo AIO

    The snaps are close together along the waist, allowing for a nice snug fit no matter your baby's size.  

    I noticed when looking at this diaper that it reminded me of the Thirsties Fab Fitted.  The inside stay dry layer is the same material and it has the same sewn in soaker pad.  So the following pictures are of the Thirsties Fab Fitted in purple, and the Thirsties Duo AIO in orange.

    Side by side:  Fab Fitted in purple, AIO in orange

    Inside of diapers, Fab Fitted on left, Duo AIO on right

     Inside of diapers, Fab Fitted on left, Duo AIO on right

     It even has the same great sleeve for extra stuffing!  If you love the Fab Fitted you will also love the Duo AIO.  It is the same great construction, just with a PUL waterproof outer layer.  I was hoping for the leg gussets like in the Duo Diaper, but this is still a great AIO diaper.  Check them out today!

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    Happy Birthday to me (and to you too!)

    Friday, February 17th is my birthday!  It is a special one too, it is my 30th.  I am not lamenting turning 30, I am proud of it and I want to celebrate in style.

    A wonderful gift to me would be the support of my business from all my fans, and as a thank you to all of you, I am giving out a very large coupon to make that possible!

    Use the coupon code - happy30 - on Friday 2/17/12 for 30% off one item in my store. 

    30th Birthday Celebration Rules
    • One coupon per household
    • Only valid on 2/17/12
    • Does not apply to items already on sale or clearance
    • Does not apply to gift certificates
    • Does not apply to work at home mom (WAHM) items
    • Shipping charges still apply
    • Due to interest there may be a delay in shipping
    • If my website allows one of these rules to be broken, I will cancel the order and work with you to correct it.
    • Will not stack with any other Carolina Cloth coupon
    If you want to purchase more than one item, it will need to be done in two separate transactions.  The coupon code will only work if only one item is in the shopping cart at the time of check out.  You can make a second transaction and I will ship/deliver both orders together.  Shipping charges only need to be paid once in this instance - email leslie@carolinacloth.com with any questions.

    Thank you very much and happy birthday to me! :) :)


    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Our first giveaway!

    I would like to welcome everyone to our blog.  I want to be able to show new products and advertise sales.  As a way to welcome everyone, I am giving away my favorite cover: a Thirsties Duo Wrap in size 2!

    When we first started cloth diapering our son, we used prefolds and covers.  For my husband and I, it seemed to be the least expensive investment to make to see if we liked cloth diapering.  We tried a few different brands of covers, but immediately fell in love with Thirsties and sold the rest.  The extra leg gussets saved us from extra outfit changes. 

    Please enter our giveaway and spread the word about Carolina Cloth!