Friday, October 28, 2011

Fuzzibunz Original VS Elite

Are you a fan of Fuzzibunz?  Are you curious about the differences between the old OS diaper and the new Elite?  Look no further!

I broke out my camera as soon as my package of Fuzzibunz Elite made it to my door step.  In this picture the Watermelon is the Elite diaper on the left and the Cotton Candy on the old OS style on the right.

You can see the difference in the tab shape.  The new Elite has pointier tabs and you don't see the extra snap part sticking out from underneath as in the cotton candy diaper.

The area between the legs is the same width.

 You can see that on the Elite the adjustment button is now hidden.  Also the snaps on the front panel are closer together and inline. 

Another look at the changed snap layout.

The front panel is also narrower.

The new Elite comes with two minky inserts which are super soft.  All of the colors are the same and the inner fleece is the same as well.

I appreciate you visiting my blog.  As a thank you, please use the coupon code at Carolina Cloth to save 5% on your Fuzzibunz OS Elite purchase - FB5 - thanks for reading!


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